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Harmonigenic™ Corporation was founded to guide from the lab to the clinic, a University of Rochester discovery that if validated will provide better outcomes for cancer patients including  better quality of life and lower overall cost by focusing treatment where it is most needed. The discovery was made using a special scanning dual photon microscope modified to measure a parameter which was found to correlate with time to recurrence or metastasis. The parameter was obtained by analyzing the light from a process called second harmonic generation produced while examining the standard pathology slides of breast cancer tissue from initial surgery (submitted for publication).  This discovery is particularly useful in about 60% of women at initial diagnosis who are considered low risk for recurrence (15% recurrence in 10 years in this early initial diagnosis, ER+, node negative patient group), and addresses the problem of "over treatment" for the large  majority of these patients who don't recur even with no further treatment while focusing treatment on those patients more likely to recur where treatment can prevent recurrence or otherwise improve outcomes as a result of treatment.

While clinical trials and other hurdles remain, we are dedicated to make this test available at the time of diagnosis so all women with breast cancer can make more informed decisions about treatment by revealing the answers to questions they are asking with more precision based on this and other parameters that can be combined for the best prediction possible. While initially discovered using breast cancer tissue we have evidence of possible application to colon cancer and other solid tumors where this discovery if validated in these other cancers and applied, could also reduce suffering while enjoying better outcomes.

   The main points guiding our company development are summarized here:

  • Company founded to develop clinically useful assay at time of cancer diagnosis, useful for guiding treatment decisions
  • Company is dedicated to helping cancer patients achieve better outcomes with better quality of life and lower overall costs
  • Optical assay useful in predicting recurrence in low risk ER+ node negative breast cancer (submitted for publication)
  • Addresses problem of "overtreatment" in this low risk group
  • Assay is "Matrix" based so complementary to gene expression (cell based) assays
  • Clinical trials and other validation steps remain with algorithm development to include other parameters with predictive value
  • While discovery came by studying a population, application of the assay to individual cases with feedback on prediction will produce continuous improvement of the assay by design
  • Possible expansion to other solid tumors with evidence of application to colon cancer (submitted for publication)
  • Dedicated to the ultimate goal of cancer prevention by leveraging what we learn by following our patients prospectively and studying how they differ from cancer free individuals or long term survivors
  • We seek feedback from our potential customers to help guide us into becoming the company that will serve our customers' needs now and in the future



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