We are dedicated to the ultimate goal of cancer prevention and will partner with all who share our vision that includes the elimination suffering

  • The initiation of cancer is the result of an accumulation of multiple initiation events causing DNA mutation in previously healthy cells. Some events like cosmic rays are random and come from living in this universe but others can be prevented by eliminating pollution and environmental exposure to man-made carcinogens. We do not accept this as normal and will work to eliminate this exposure, especially for the poor who have little choice all over the world.

  • Cancer initiation is the accumulation of many DNA mutations over many replication events which if not repaired or reversed are often fatal to the cell but if the cell is able to replicate the eventual formation of cancer tissue includes the promotion and growth of these damaged cells in ways that escape normal immune surveillance. Much of what promotes cancer is the result of the stress of life and sometimes unhealthy choices but often circumstances outside our control. We are optimistic that together we can work together and choose a world where no person must suffer a preventable cancer.

  • To achieve the ultimate goal of cancer prevention we will need to partner with those we serve and start by leveraging what we can learn by following them prospectively and measuring outcomes. As we age we accumulate chance events so each person is an experiment in choices and circumstance and studying how they differ from cancer free individuals or long term survivors may add to our understanding of what promotes cancer.

  • We seek feedback from our potential partners as we develop our technology to help guide us into becoming the company that will serve our customers' needs now and in the future.

  • The first and the last question for any business should be whether what we do and how we serve is ethical. For us it is unethical to profit from the suffering of others if that suffering can be avoided, but without profits we also cannot serve those who suffer, so we must find ways to profit and grow to meet our vision so we can pay forward the generosity of supporters and the investment that will be necessary to achieve our shared vision. Join us and help us improve this vision.